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Intentionally blended with jasmine and myrrh essential oils.

When Lit, the Intent is to

  • Enhance mediation
  • Take pride in oneself
  • Purify your environment
  • Bring about positive feelings
  • Uplift energy levels


*Black Excellence is no longer made with black dye, in order to provide the cleaniest burn for your enviroment

Excellence- Jasmine and Myrrh

    • remove any crystals before burning 
    • trim wick to 1/4' each time you burn
    • upon initial burn, allow a full melt pool to form
    • never burn your candle for more than 4 hours
    • repeat your affirmations and intentions while candle is lit
    • extinguish fire once 1/2' of wax remains
    • wash and repurpose your jar
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